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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Suggestion for Net Run Rate Issue.

With Champions Trophy 2013 in progress  and given the impression that NRR will come into action selecting 2nd team of the group. This method used over the years and I have my personal doubts about whether this method given 100% accuracy in finding a team to progress knock-out level. Since wicket consumed did not consider in this methodology it is lacking in providing correct picture.

What we actually need here is include no of wicket fallen in achieving above figures. But how ? In a discussion we had few minutes back we discussed methods suggested by S.Rajesh - Stat Editor of CricInfo and    Michael Wagner of were based on D/L method.

But my suggestion in that discussion was "Net Run Rate per Wicket" that is further to net run rate, we should divide Net Run Rate by no. of Wickets fallen in the course. But meantime what came onto my mind was "what happen if no wicket fallen in an extra ordinary case?" That means one team had scored all of their runs without losing a wicket. Since it is theoretically possible. Let me further modify  this into NRR per Partnership. That means in each match no. of partnerships they consumed in generating that Run Rate.

I worked out both of these two method for on going CT 2013. Let's compare these methods and find out whether my proposed system will work.

Updated : 14.06.2013 1:55 AM

Look at the above table, which have been compiled considering 1st six matches of the Champions Trophy 2013. This table have been listed  according to the points(not mentioned here) and Net Run Rate. But considering the wins recorded by New Zealand and England in Group A, it is convinced that England won their match comfortably than New Zealand. These two teams listed in above table in accordance of NRR. New Zealand top the table due to fact that they consumed lesser overs. But New Zealand's win against Sri Lanka was most tentative. They would have ended in losing side if last wicket fallen. 

By looking at Group B it needs no evidence to say India won both of their matches very comfortably. Again this shows Pakistan who competed hard in their match had better NRRPP value. 

Let's consider this method after league level come to an end.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yuvi Batting Right Hand in Colombo

Wednesday, April 03, 2013
4:31 PM

Believe me, I am not mad at all. It is 4:30 PM here in Sri Lanka. I am at Press Box of R.Premadasa Cricket Stadium. I know you have many  questions . One, "how come Yuvi in Sri Lanka ?", Two, "Isn't he playing for IPL6 today onwards in India?", Three "any IPL matches scheduled in Sri Lanka this time ?" One single answers for all those questions is NO.

Few of you may aware that World Cup Tournament Happening here in Colombo. I don't know, to whom I should thank for this sensational opportunity provided.  People who invited to electronic media (I am a blogger in sinhala)or  who decided to change the originally planned location to Sri Lanka. I don't know. I never expect World Class Cricket from bunch of University students who embarked here few days back.

Let me first of all explain, why I am such a great fan of Yuvraj Singh.  I followed Cricket closely since my childhood. Never missed any Cricket Match telecasted on TV. If I am not mistaken it is 2002 I watched India's tour of England.  Before that as anyone I loved to watch Sachin playing. But on that particular day  they were going after huge target of 325 set by home team England. Even though Indian openers put 106 on the board for 1st wicket in 14.3 overs, rest of their greats likes of Sachin, Dravid along with Dinesh Mongia failed to contribute. It was 5 wicket down for 146 when these duo got together and gone onto put 121 fighting partnership which made sure India home.

From that onwards Yuvi or Yuvraj Singh has become one of my favorite batsmen. I rarely missed any of his matched. Aggression, Passion & Pride this lad have in him. But it is not this original Yuvi I am referring today. Today I saw a right handed one. It is said that "India is not a country but a world". So out of their 1.2 Billion population couldn't it be another one exist?  But for some cases you could not find a match.

I am not telling this lad, I am referring as good as Yuvi, but he has some potential to hitting it out of the park. He is none other than Jaskaran Singh Sohi. "Dear readers, I know what you are trying to tell". Please, I am not trying to insult great batsman who hit six sixes in an over, who was player of the tournament 2011 World Cup. But Inning I have been watching minutes ago had Yuvi effect in it.

To be honest I never expected this kind of entertainment in a tournament like this because it a bunch of college students.  In the morning they had a tense match against their arch rival pakistan. During their chase of 138 set by pakistan Jasakaran Singh hit 8 fours and 5 sixes to compile a 75 runs in 46 balls. It is quite normal these kind of batting efforts in any T20 match but his shots almost similar to Yuvi's ones. Specially pulling and lofted over covers. It felt me I am watching Yuvi batting from a Mirror. If he doesn't ran out during the inning, it would have been a brilliant century. He collapsed on the pitch very unfortunately.

In the afternoon match they met Australian team where Team India made mammoth 225 in their alloted 20 over thanks to Jaskaran Singh who made another fabulious 63 runs in 29 balls. In fact he reached his 50 in 20 balls. In that inning he twice whacked the ball to the stands as if Yuvi batting right handed. In that knock he hit 7 fours and 4 sixes.

All in all, he is exactly Yuvi for me. Moment after Indian inning I rushed to one of the indian journalists  to know Jaskaran's height. He promptly answered "he should be 6 foot 3 inches". Then I googled for Yuvi's Biodata and found he is 6" 2'. Bit dissapointed though I rushed to meet  Mr. Marvan Attapattu who was at presentation area to hand his trophy. Once he got his tropy I rushed to Jaskaran Singh and asked his height. Could you imagine his answer .......It was 6" 2'.