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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mumbai Diaries - I


Landed safely here in Mumbai around 2.30AM wondering what to do ? Since my friend Subash did not come with me as expected, I was alone. Felt roaming. Took a cab to my hotel we have booked months ago which is in Navi Mumbai, area is a hub for wholesale for vegetable(Mafco Market). I got mad in the morning when I see busy town like Manning market all over. I never given up and walked till I find disired know when walking in the Mumbai pavements it required you to be very cautious since in the middle some concrete slabs are removed and exposed to muddy canal. If you fallen into this pit it will be a disaster.  At last I found Inorbit which is similar to Majecstic city but lot better than that. eventhough problem here is most of the pople could not speak English. Otherwise they mis-understood ourselves as Indians. I did initial part of my shopping buying shampoo, razor, etc. And visited hell a lot f Branded shops in the mall. You name it they have it here. Adidas, Arrow, Lee, etc. But the prices here are not bearable for us. I felt very poor of us. We need one generation to be parallel with them. 1 INR = 3 LKR like situation now. I could remember I bought a shirt from a traveller who visited India in 1997 for 1.6 conversion rate. Pathetic. Isn't it ? Kauda Mewata Waga Kiyanne ? Majorly Prabha. Other Part is rest of our political ppl. 

I was at Inorbit around 1.00PM but saw people screaming. And see what for ? Only for seeing their hereos on the TV. What a supportive Nation. They sat on the floor. Supported every bowl India. Moment they sing National Anthem everybody sang as if they are in the ground. I felt being grounds. At one time I felt disturbed. You know I could not call home because of their screaming. Such a Cricket Crazy nation. They could not realize where they are. May be due to fact that they fighting against their arch-rivals. But don't forget each occasion India had won. They met them  in 1992,1996, 1999, 2003, 20007. But Indian are victorious. I noticed one thing Muslims here in India supprts India. But what about our's. 

In front of my hotel there is a Cracker Seller. In the day time heat is like you are in oven. Might be 40 C. I have never beard a heat like this in Sri Lanka. One moment I thought this Cracker shop will burst because of the heat. But Still it's open and people buying cracker like New Year. Burn. Party Everwhere. My goodness. I have never seen such a unity. Today people at shops are not working. They are either watching or listening to the match. Such a divoted nation. I will tell you we should give them a real fight if we are to win. You could see their flag everywhere here in Mumbai. Could not explain what is happening here. In a way I am happy with this nation. They could unite to a one bunch by Cricket. 

To end this note it is worthwile mention what one of the saying " Cricket is our Religion - Sachin is our god !!!!"

Dilruk  from Mumbai. 

Again this is one of the Notes I written in Facebook.


  1. Hay I was in Mumbai last year as a transit traveler heading to Ahmadabad :) Stopped there to see a friend . Its a commercial hub and quite expensive city .My friend said in Mumbai no one to die with out food but its so hard to have a proper shelter ! every day many people from rural India come to Mumbai to find there luck with a job ! city is over populated but what I like is it has the good old day British Colonial architecture : ) The Marine Drive is all most like our Galle Face Green but very much polluted . When I told that we have quite clean sea beach in GFG my friend's 9 year old daughter was so astonished :) Sea link , Marine Drive and Gate Way of India are nice places to visit but very crowded :)